HR Trends For Challenging 2017

2017 is a year of shake up amongst the big players in HR, and understandably, it can be somewhat challenging to make sense of it all and decide where to invest your time and energy. Here are some of the main topics we undergo each day that I encourage you to embrace to keep ahead of the curve in the coming year.


Are you an HR? Do you spend way too much time recruiting for positions that should have been filled last month? Relax, you’re not alone.

Like it or not, you are recruiting in the world of Google. Just as easily as you can go to the Internet to look things up, so can your employees and your potential new recruits. That potential candidate is most likely looking at you before they even respond to your email, job posting, or call – and when they do, what do they see?

How different the world is today! A quick search for relevant jobs and many possibilities pop up for consideration in just the first three results.

Are you treating your employees well?

Today, employee engagement is also impacting your ability to recruit because your employees have the opportunity to leave their thoughts about you and your organization on Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook, Twitter and more.

What do your reviews say? Would you join your organization?

And what about your own profiles and those of your hiring managers; do you look approachable? Are you sharing great insights into what you’re doing as a company? Can future recruits hear the excitement from their future boss and colleagues? In 2017, your management is going to need to get social.

Employee Branding

Now I know this is a turnaround. Not that long ago we were banning our employees from using social media, thinking gagging them was the best way to avoid negativity, but now people have access to social media in their pockets and employees can use it freely. So embrace it!

Why shouldn’t your happy employees share photos of their working lives? You trust your employees to use the phone and email, so why not trust them to share about your organization on social media?

“Trust your employee advocates to use the networks they’re comfortable with to share information,” she said. “It’s most likely where your future recruits are anyway.”

Being human

Call it profersonal or using hyper-personalisation; in 2017 you’re going to need to be more, ah, well more human to succeed. Sure, you are seeing a rise in robotics, I am sure they’ll find their place, but recruitment is fundamentally a person-to-person interaction.

People will also expect you to make an effort and look beyond a LinkedIn profile. Personalized messages from caring recruiters will win in 2017. Good recruiters have always created relationships with candidates. Previously, it was done with the phone. Now, it is being done with email and content marketing; just as marketing tracks open rates and click-through rates, so does recruitment marketing

But also remember, no matter how much you see about a person online, there will always be things they don’t share that will stop them taking your job. Be human, talk to them.

Keep Your Employees Motivated

Organizations don’t change people do these days rapidly. So if you want to keep your employees to stay with you stay connected. Great things get done, when energy and motivation meet each other. If you can figure out what motivates others, the tasks will get accomplished faster, and the results will be better too.  While motivation is like personal hygiene, wherein the individual is responsible, as a manager, you have a role to play to keep your colleagues and team members brimming with it.

These are the general problems and solutions We HR’s in a certain organization face each day yet we love our job. ITS FUN TO BE AN HR.